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New Release - 2023 Reserve Chardonnay

Gralyn Estate

Gralyn Estate

Wine Styles

Chardonnay Varietal Wine Styles
Sourced from a single vineyard, "Wildberry Springs," located in Wilyabrup, the fruit for the Reserve Chardonnay, Wilyabrup White, Late Harvest White, White Fortified, White Chocolate Fortified and Coffee Fortified, is exceptional. Producing wines with great class and refinement. Wildberry Springs Chardonnay has replaced our Gralyn Riesling styles (dry, sweet and fortified), the Rhine Riesling vines removed due to age.

Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon Varietal Wine Styles
Estate grown fruit from our original unirrigated 1975 planting, producing some of Margaret River's most highly regarded dry red wines. Superb examples of strength and finesse with the ability to age gracefully. These grapes are also used for the Rosé, Unoaked Cabernet and sweet Cabernet styles, namely Racy Red and Late Harvest Cabernet, hence the superb flavour and balance seen in all these wines. 

The sweetness is the result of controlled fermentation, with the wine chilled to minus zero degrees, to stop the ferment and leave some of the natural sugar in the wine. Popular, especially among customers who may profess 'not to like red wine.'

Fortified Styles
Gralyn Estate pioneered port styles in the Margaret River region with the first Vintage Port made in 1978, first White Port in 1984, and first Pink Port in 1991. The range has expanded to include nine different fortified wines. Shiraz is used to make a small quantity of Vintage Fortified. It reflects the age of the vines and the quality of the grapes. A style enjoyed young or cellared to develop further bottle age. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are used to make our very popular Chocolate Ruby Fortified, from our secret recipe.

Tawny and Muscat styles are the product of a solera system, a blending of casks of wines of varying ages. The youngest wines are blended into a series of casks holding progressively older wine, resulting in consistent, high quality wines that share a portion of the oldest material. These wines do not have a vintage date, as they are a blend of many years - hence the term 'non vintage' or NV. 

Tawny, Classic Muscat, Artizan Rare Muscat and Museum Rare Muscat have an average barrel age that varies from nine to thirty five years. They have been judged as some of Australia's finest fortifieds. There is no substitute for 'barrel age', a result of many years care and patience that reflects the passion and craft of winemaking.

Museum Wines
Over decades we have cellared wines and ports from outstanding vintages. On rare release from our private collection these wines offer a taste of Margaret River history.