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New Release - 2023 Reserve Chardonnay

Gralyn Estate

Gralyn Estate

Gralyn Estate

Barrel Aged Fortified 6 Pack


A limited offer consisting of the following wines;

1x Museum Rare Muscat (97 Points)
1 x Artizan Rare Muscat (96 Points)
2 x Rare Tawny Fortified (95 Points)
2 x Classic Muscat (92 Points)


RRP $590
Special Offer Price $470* (Save 20%)
*No further discount applies

Wonderful recognition for our fortified wines with Huon Hooke from the Real Review ranking our wines amongst the best in the country in their latest tasting. The Museum Muscat scored highly with 97 points, this very special fortified is the pinnacle of our barrel aged program. With careful blending of material dating back to our very first wines, the Museum Muscat has an average age of 35 years.

Museum Muscat NV
“Deep, dark tawny-brown colour with a yellow rim, very viscous in the glass. The aromas are intensely aged and very complex, with molasses and toffee and malt flavours of great depth and persistence. Every indication here of a very old wine. A simply glorious wine to sip.” 97 Points
Huon Hooke - The Real Review 2023

Artizan Rare Muscat NV
“Very deep, very aged tawny-brown appearance, with a green-yellow rim. The bouquet is extraordinarily complex and layered, the palate overflowing with toffee, molasses, raisin flavours with good muscat character and sweetness, a very viscous texture. A super-sweet, super-luscious muscat.” 96 Points
Huon Hooke - The Real Review 2023

Classic Muscat NV
“Good depth and brightness of tawny/brown colour with orange/yellow edges, the bouquet reminds of Violet Crumble—chocolate coated honeycomb—and the wine is sweet and bright on the palate, showing a lot of youthful material.” 92 Points
Huon Hooke - The Real Review 2023

Rare Tawny NV
“Deep rich tawny colour with a yellow rim, there's a lot of rancio here from excellent aged character as well as concentration and richness. A powerful, concentrated wine showing genuine age, the aftertaste rolling on very long.” 95 Points
Huon Hooke - The Real Review 2023