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Special Offer - 20% off all wine online (excludes museum wines)
Special Offer - 20% off all wine online (excludes museum wines)

Cabernet Vintage Port 1981


Museum Release

This Vintage port was originally released in 1982 to mark the 150th Anniversary of Busselton. A limited edition of one hundred wooden presentation cases, containing four bottles, was also released. A small quantity was further cellared, and released with a new label in 2005 to mark the thirtieth anniversary of Gralyn Estate. The latest Museum release is from the owners' Private Collection.

The wine is deep brick-red in colour, with a complex bouquet showing a touch of violets, mint and bilberry aromas that were present in the young port. Bottle ageing has seen the development of the unique characteristics of aged Vintage Port. The bouquet is intense and lifted, with the fruit and spirit beautifully integrated. The palate is complex, becoming smoother and more dense as the wine continues to age. Fine savoury tannins lead into a long, dry, lingering finish.

Vintage port requires many decades of ageing to attain the deep concentration seen when fully mature. We look forward to seeing this evolution continue.

Prior to serving, allow the bottle to stand to settle the natural sediment, remove the cork carefully, using a church-key opener. Decant gently, remembering that the older the port, the shorter the breathing time required, so it is best drank within a few hours of opening.